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Heroin and Opioid Abuse

I’ve heard it from folks in every neighborhood in the Hudson Valley – the heroin and opioid epidemic is killing our children and devastating our communities. I'm doing everything in my power to combat this epidemic. There is no silver bullet solution, but working together with local, state and federal officials we can make sure those on the front lines have the support they need to expand prevention and treatment efforts, get drugs off our streets, and keep our children safe. Read more about my plans to fight this epidemic:
  • Successfully passed the Opioid Review Modernization Act, which would combat opioid abuse by improving education for prescribing physicians and incentivizing the pharmaceutical industry to include anti-abuse properties in new medications.
  • Hosted a town hall to hear from folks in the Hudson Valley
  • Introduced the Life-Saving Librarians Act which would help get critical opioid antidotes to community members on the front lines of this epidemic. 
  • Introduced bipartisan legislation, The Keeping Communities Safe Through Treatment Act, to provide law enforcement the option to divert individuals directly to treatment instead of booking them and processing them through the criminal justice system.
  • Helped secure nearly $1 million in federal investments to support local treatment centers
  • Cosponsored CARA to create investment programs for local communities facing prescription drug epidemics to expand prevention and education efforts, increase the availability of naloxone, and promote treatment and recovery.
  • Announced $625k in investments in local health centers.

If you are experiencing a medical or behavioral health emergency, dial 911. For additional programs and services in the Hudson Valley click on the links below or call the numbers listed: