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NY-18 Appropriations Committee Community Project Selections

NY-18 Appropriations Committee Community Project Selections 


Body Worn Cameras

Proposed Recipient: Deerpark Police Department

Address: 231 Route 209, Huguenot, New York 12746

Amount Requesting: $30,000

Purpose: This funding would provide body worn cameras to the entire police force of Deerpark and the video storage space needed. 

Signed Certification Letter

City of Middletown Water System Improvements Project Phase II

Proposed Recipient: City of Middletown, NY

Address: 16 James Street, Middletown, New York 10940

Amount Requesting: $11,800,000

Purpose: This project will create a reliable water source to provide water to the community of Middletown to replace and upgrade parts of the high-pressure transmission mains around the city. Lack of reliable water affects development and real estate values, prevents businesses from moving to Middletown, and could leave residents without access to potable water. 

Signed Certification Letter

Family Partnership Center Community Facilities Restoration Project

Proposed Recipient: Family Services, Inc.

Address: 29 North Hamilton Street, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

Amount Requesting$1,203,000

Purpose: This project will increase the safety, accessibility, and long-term sustainability of the Family Partnership Center (FPC). The FPC houses Family Services’ human services program and the programs of 20 related non-profit organizations, largely focused on behavioral health services. The FPC serves roughly 70,000 individuals a year with over 110,000 service interactions with 79% of clients living below the poverty line. 

Signed Certification Letter

Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

Proposed Recipient: Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

Address: 70 Dubois Street, Newburgh, New York 12550

Amount Requesting$3,000,000

Purpose: The project would replace the hospital’s CT scanner and purchase a Linear Accelerator. By prioritizing these two pieces of equipment, the hospital could increase local cancer treatment options, provide patients contemporary radiation oncology treatment, decrease the number of treatment sessions, and prevent patients and their families from having to travel while facing a cancer diagnosis. 

Signed Certification Letter

North Interceptor Sewer Project

Proposed Recipient: City of Newburgh, NY

Address: 83 Broadway, Newburgh, New York, 12550

Amount Requesting$12,800,000

Purpose: This project would fund the reconstruction and realignment of the North Interceptor Sewer and the repaving of roadways along the project’s corridor. This project would provide economic benefits, with CSO and capacity improvements, decreased sewer maintenance costs, and increased access for underserved areas. The project would decrease combined sewer overflows to the Hudson River Estuary, providing environmental benefits as well.

Signed Certification Letter

Oakridge Water District PFAS Mitigation

Proposed Recipient: Town of Lewisboro, NY

Address: 11 Main Street, South Salem, New York 10590

Amount Requesting$1,800,000

Purpose: This project would repair the Oakridge Water District public water system, which was recently found to have PFAS levels above New York State’s maximum contaminant level for public drinking water systems. PFAS is very harmful, causes a wide range of health effects in animals, and potentially humans as well. The EPA considers PFAS as having suggestive evidence for causing cancer based on studies of animals exposed to high levels. 

Signed Certification Letter

Philipstown Highway Facilities Center

Proposed Recipient: Town of Philipstown, NY

Address: 50 Fishkill Road, Cold Spring, New York 10516

Amount Requesting: $2,000,000

Purpose: This project will demolish the Philipstown Highway Garage and construct a modern highway facility. The new building will meet current energy codes and lower Philipstown’s carbon footprint, with a solar panel array on the roof to offset electrical demand. 

Signed Certification Letter

Riparian and Watershed Ecological Restoration Project

Proposed Recipient: Putnam County, NY

Address: 40 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, New York 10512

Amount Requesting: $6,000,000

Purpose: This project will restore and protect more than 100 acres of riparian and watershed land in the Hudson River valley. This would dramatically increase biodiversity, restore areas that are important for sustaining a healthy Hudson River estuary, reduce storm runoff, and reduce or eliminate pesticide and fertilizer use. 

Signed Certification Letter

Town of Bedford Corrections Sidewalk

Proposed Recipient: Town of Bedford, NY

Address: 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, New York 10507

Amount Requesting: $650,000

Purpose: The project will implement safety improvements to the Harris Road/Babbitt Road Intersection and install a sidewalk to connect the Bedford Hills and Taconic Correctional Facilities to the Town’s existing sidewalk infrastructure. The project aligns with Federal priorities for driver and pedestrian safety, and will allow the Town to better serve the needs of underserved communities.

Signed Certification Letter

Wastewater Treatment Plant Components Modernization Project

Proposed Recipient: Village of Kiryas Joel, NY

Address: 51 Forest Road, Suite 340, Monroe, New York 10950

Amount Requesting: $2,500,000

Purpose: This project seeks to enhance and sustain an existing 25 year old publicly-owned treatment works, which currently treats 970,000 gallons per day. The project would invest in an existing major capital facility and aid in sustainable community growth in an area with a large population of low-income individuals and minors. If implemented, serviceability of systems will be enhanced, components will be operated more easily, and downtime will be reduced. 

Signed Certification Letter