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VIDEO RELEASE: Maloney Hosts Virtual Roundtable on Unemployment Aid and Resources in the Hudson Valley

Apr 7, 2021
Press Release

ICYMI VIDEO RELEASE: Maloney Hosts Virtual Roundtable on Unemployment Aid and Resources in the Hudson Valley

The American Rescue Plan extends unemployment benefits & delivers critical aid to workers

Newburgh, NY – Yesterday, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) hosted a virtual press conference with local workers to discuss the American Rescue Plan’s unemployment relief. Rep. Maloney connected participants and viewers with key resources to help them make ends meet and get back into the workforce.

“Workers across the Hudson Valley have been under unprecedented strain during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout this economic crisis. Unemployment benefits and worker protections have been a lifeline,” said Rep. Maloney. “I am proud of the work my office has done, helping over 550 constituents access unemployment aid. And now, with the American Rescue Plan, help is here. This landmark bill expands unemployment insurance and delivers a historic investment that will kickstart our economy and bring back jobs right here in the Hudson Valley.” 

“During the pandemic I was laid off around May,” said Caryn Sobel. “I was one of those people that was making less than the assistance would have covered. The assistance helped me with my savings, it helped me with paying some extra bills that were piling up.”

“I tried desperately to apply for unemployment benefits online and by the phone… One day, someone recommended I call your office. So I called your office and left a message, basically explaining my situation,” said Lois Powers. “Not only did I get a response, but within a two-to-three-week period, a staff member from the Department of Labor actually called me on the phone saying that your office had contacted them on my behalf. I was interviewed on the phone and I was accepted for benefits. I was in tears at that point.” 

“We launched our business in October of 2019. Pretty much all of 2018 and 2019, we had really pushed all of our money toward creating the business, launching the business… The hard part really for us during the pandemic is we didn’t have a support system financially,” said Jill Rowe. “I thought, I know someone, I can call my local congressman and see what I can do about this.” 

Rep. Maloney Unemployment Roundtable

New York State lost 1.1 million net jobs during the pandemic in 2020, or 10 percent of the state workforce. Nationwide, more than 9.5 million workers have lost their jobs, with 4 million out of work for half a year or longer. 

The American Rescue Plan takes key steps to get relief to unemployed Americans. The law extends the three federal unemployment insurance expansions first created by the CARES Act through September 6, 2021 and increases the total number of weeks of benefits available to individuals who cannot return to work safely from 50 to 79. The law maintains the federal supplement at its current level of $300 a week, and it provides 53 weeks of federal UI benefits after the state benefits end, up from 24 weeks.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Congressman Maloney’s office has helped connect over 550 constituents with unemployment benefits to help them make ends meet. His casework staff is here to help, so if you or a loved one needs assistance getting the benefits they need, call his Newburgh office at 845-561-1259. 

A full livestream of the event can be found here