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Rep. Maloney Celebrates Workers in Recognition of Labor Day

Sep 6, 2021
Press Release

Rep. Maloney Celebrates Workers in Recognition of Labor Day

Washington, D.C. — Today, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released the following statement in celebration of Labor Day, recognized nationally on Monday, September 6th. 

“This Labor Day, I want to honor the generations of people who fought to give working folks a voice. Across the Hudson Valley and the nation, workers have spoken out to demand fair wages, strong unions, and equal pay,” said Rep. Maloney. “Last Labor Day, our country honored the service of essential workers as they helped teach our kids, stock our grocery stores, administer our health care, and keep up with the new normal.  Now, as we work to defeat COVID-19, the worst worker safety crisis in years, we need to put our money where our mouths are. We must ensure American workers have the right to bargain for better wages and stronger safety and health provisions without fearing that it will cost them their jobs. Strengthening workers’ right to organize a union will help rebuild America’s middle class and improve the lives of workers and families.”

Together with President Biden, the House Democrats have helped deliver over four million jobs and the fastest growing economy in 40 years. They have invested in America’s workers and families and prioritized building a prosperous middle class. In addition to putting money in the pocket of working Americans, the House has also passed historic legislation that would strengthen unions, close the gender wage gap, reinstate pensions, and more. House-passed legislation supporting American workers includes:

Butch Lewis Act — Included in the American Rescue Act, Signed into Law on March 11th

This law will preserve and restore the pensions of more than one million retirees and workers in approximately 200 severely underfunded multiemployer pension plans. These plans provided retirement to truck drivers, construction workers, industrial bakers, coal miners, and other workers. 

Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021 (The PRO Act) — H.R. 842

The PRO Act would expand various labor protections related to employees' rights to organize and collectively bargain in the workplace. This would help to level the playing field that is currently tilted towards big business and the status quo. 

The Paycheck Fairness Act — H.R. 7 

Women still make only 80 cents, on average, for every dollar earned by her white male colleague in the same role. The bipartisan Paycheck Fairness Act will put the power in workers’ hands by giving women who experience pay disparities the same legal rights to combat this discrimination as other protected classes and require employers to prove the legitimacy of pay disparities within their companies.