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National Endowment of the Arts Invests in Four Hudson Valley Organizations

Apr 18, 2014
Press Release

Newburgh, NY - Representative Sean Patrick Maloney announced that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) will invest in four Hudson Valley organizations including $65,000 for the Storm King Art Center, $30,000 for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, $15,000 for the Aquila Theatre Company and $20,000 for the Katonah Museum of Art. These investments will help support the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, expand performances and art education in Katonah and support the world-renowned Storm King Art Center.                 

“These are strategic investments in jobs and the Hudson Valley economy, helping to revitalize our cities and towns by attracting tens of thousands of tourists to the region every year,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

John P. Stern, President of Storm King Art Center explains, "As Storm King begins its exciting 2014 season, we are so proud to have the NEA's support. This grant will help us to bring our collection online, publish a collection guide, and provide more information about the sculptures that grace Storm King's 500 acres of rolling hills and natural woodlands. With this grant, information about Storm King's collection of over 100 sculptures by internationally renowned artists will become much more accessible to visitors, scholars, researchers, and especially students — we plan to develop a new curriculum for our school group visits based on our new collection guide."

"We are very excited to build on our success in engaging millennials, and we are very grateful to the NEA for supporting this important work," said Maggie Whitlum, HVSF Executive Director. "This grant allows us to expand our outreach to the youngest millennials, ages 16-20, and we have great fun in store for them."

"Aquila Theatre is excited and extremely thankful for the NEA's continued support of our programming.  With the NEA's support, our production of Emily Brontë’s classic Wuthering Heights, will tour to approximately 40 performing arts centers across America,  many in underserved communities.  Wuthering Heights was a groundbreaking book at the time and still retains the power to address difficult and timeless themes including prejudice, revenge, class inequality, patriarchy, identity, and broken families. This production will also enable the company to present the work of a female artist and devise workshops and educational resources around the theme of women and the classics,” said Emily Pierce, Aquila Theatre Company.

“The Katonah Museum of Art, (KMA), appreciates this affirming support from the NEA.  With the grant award, we can strengthen our model program -  ArteJuntos / ArtTogether -  designed to empower low income immigrant parents as resourceful facilitators of their children's learning at home, in the Museum and in their communities.  The KMA will hire Randi Korn & Associates to development an outcomes-based framework for participant learning that supports Pre-K school readiness assessments used by our partnering schools. The resulting outcome-based tools will be shared with other museums interested in engaging young immigrant families,” said Darsie Alexander, Katonah Museum of Art.

In total, the NEA is supporting more than 900 organizations in 47 states. NEA grants have a powerful multiplying effect, with each grant dollar typically matched by nine dollars of additional investments in this country's nonprofit arts organizations. Organizations interested in applying for a NEA grant are encouraged to visit www.arts.gov.