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Maloney Votes to Require Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Members of Congress and Staff

Nov 29, 2017
Press Release
Maloney also Cosponsored the Bipartisan Legislation

WASHINGTON — After several victims, including current and former staffers and sitting members of Congress came forward with stories of sexual harassment perpetrated by senior Congressional staffers and members of Congress, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) voted in favor of a resolution to formally require all members of the House of Representatives and their staff to undergo sexual harassment prevention training. Rep. Maloney also cosponsored the resolution.  


“This is all pretty simple really – act like a human being and don’t touch people who don’t want to be touched,” said Rep. Maloney. “That’s the rule for the people we represent and it should obviously be the rule for members of Congress too. People all across the country deal with harassment on a regular basis and Congress should be trying to fix the problem instead of making it worse.”  


Two sitting members of Congress recently testified before the Committee on House Administration that they had been sexually harassed by other members of Congress. Additionally, a number of current and former staffers have recently come forward regarding allegations of sexual misconduct by senior staff or sitting members of Congress.


The resolution would simply require all members of Congress, staff, interns, and fellows to undergo a sexual assault prevention training program within 90 days of the start of each session of Congress. New employees who start after that period would have 90 days from their start date to complete the training. The Committee on House Administration is required to enforce the measure and devise formal regulations within 30 days.