Maloney Urges Hudson Valley Residents to Speak Out Against New Capacity Zone Rate Hikes in Hudson Valley

Apr 29, 2014
Press Release
Maloney to Personally Deliver Letters in Opposition From Neighbors to FERC

With the new capacity zone going into effect on May 1st, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) urged Hudson Valley residents to contact his office directly to speak out against the reckless proposal to create a new capacity zone. In January, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved a proposal by the New York Independent System Operators (NYISO) to create a new capacity zone in the Hudson Valley that would impose an unprecedented $230 million increase in energy costs for our region in just the first year, and nearly $500 million in increased costs over a three-year period. Initial estimates suggest that customers throughout the Hudson Valley could see their utility bills go up by 3% to 10%. On April 30th, Rep. Maloney will deliver letters from Hudson Valley constituents and communities in opposition to the capacity zone increase.   

“My neighbors throughout the Hudson Valley are already struggling with astronomical energy costs; we certainly don’t need more unfair rate increases or taxes that hurt seniors, families, and small businesses,” said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY18). “For months, I’ve been banging on the door of Washington bureaucrats to reverse this reckless proposal, and I want them to hear our objections loud and clear.”

Last month, Sean Patrick Maloney and Chris Gibson (NY-19) announced legislation that would prohibit Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from approving a new capacity zone that would raise rates for consumer. In addition,  Rep. Maloney wrote in support of the New York Public Service Commission’s petition seeking reversal of FERC’s recent decision and asked FERC to take into account a number of initiatives underway like investments in transmission capacity as well as renewable energy like solar and wind energy or biomass plants like Taylor Biomass in Orange County. Rep. Chris Gibson sent a similar letter expressing concerns about the impact on energy prices and calling for a rehearing.

Neighbors and businesses can e-mail me directly on how rising energy costs are going to affect you, your family, or your small business by visiting: or you can file electronically with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at ferconline.asp by referencing document number ER14-500-000 or ER13-1380-000.