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Maloney Statement on New York State Budget Agreement

Apr 1, 2016
Press Release
Maloney: This budget is a game-changer

Newburgh, NY - Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s 2016-2017 New York State budget agreement.  

“Governor Cuomo’s New York State budget agreement is a big deal for New York and a meaningful step forward for millions of hardworking families in the Hudson Valley and across the state. This agreement will make a serious difference in folks’ paychecks and in their daily lives – it raises the minimum wage, creates the most comprehensive family medical leave program in the nation, invests in our schools and our infrastructure, and gives tax breaks to middle class families.

“I’ve heard from folks across the Hudson Valley on this – from mothers who just want to be able to take home a paycheck they can sustain a family on, to fathers who are worried about taking the time off they need to care for a loved one – raising the minimum wage and paid family leave are critical. I’m proud New York continues to lead our country on both.

“I understand there are some concerns and I take those seriously, but I also don’t want to understate the dramatic impact raising the minimum wage and implementing a comprehensive paid family leave program will have on millions of hardworking New York families. This budget is a game-changer for New York.”