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Maloney Statement on LGBTQ Pride Month

Jun 5, 2020
Press Release

Maloney Statement on LGBTQ Pride Month

Newburgh, NY – LGBTQ Pride Month, recognized nationally throughout the month of June, commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and celebrates the LGBTQ community’s fight for equality. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) released the following statement:

“Our first Pride was a riot - a riot that turned the tide of the LGBTQ rights movement. More than 50 years later, Pride Month is a celebration of that victory and the progress we have made since by standing together and demanding the right for all people to live and love openly.

“Right now, we are living in another pivotal moment in history. While our country works to recover from the unprecedented loss inflicted by the coronavirus, tens of thousands of Americans have taken to the streets to peacefully protest the epidemic of police violence against black Americans that has taken so many innocent lives. America is once again crying out for justice.

“This Pride Month, as we continue to demand an end to violence and discrimination in all forms and to achieve full equality under the law, let us take what started on the streets of the West Village over 50 years ago and channel it into real change, real progress, and real justice – for all Americans.

“Randy and I wish everyone in the LGBTQ community an empowering, safe, and happy Pride Month.”

Rep. Maloney is the first openly gay Member of Congress from New York. After 22 years together, he married his husband Randy Florke in June 2014 in Cold Spring, NY where they live with their three children.