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Maloney Offers Feminine Hygiene Products to Other Congressional Offices after Outpouring of Support from American Public

Jul 13, 2018
Press Release
Maloney Received over 500 Feminine Hygiene Products from Private Citizens across the Country

WASHINGTON – Following an outpouring of public support in response to his fight with the Committee on House Administration regarding its policy banning the purchase of feminine hygiene products, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) offered more than 500 donated feminine hygiene products to fellow congressional offices. On June 26, Rep. Maloney’s office received an email from the House finance office, under the authority and direction of the Committee on House Administration (CHA), informing him that he would have to reimburse the office for funds spent on tampons. In response to media reports describing the incident, a half-dozen private individuals from across the country sent the office feminine hygiene products.

“I want to make sure every office on the Hill is welcoming to female staff and visitors – and thanks to the generosity of the American people – they will be,” said Rep. Maloney. “This issue is part of a much larger discussion about women’s rights in the workplace and the way women’s needs are treated. It’s time to bring those discussions into the 21st century.”

At the end of last month, Rep. Maloney announced that the Committee on House Administration refused to permit the purchase of tampons. Rep. Maloney was directed to reimburse the office $37.16. After media reports drew public attention to the issue, CHA claimed that it was not their policy to deny the use of funds for this purpose.

Below is the text of the email sent by Rep. Maloney’s office to all House offices offering up donated feminine hygiene products. Rep. Maloney’s office has only released the text of this email to protect the identities of staff members involved.

You may have seen some of the press stories over the past couple weeks regarding the CHA’s policy on the use of funds to purchase feminine hygiene products. Our office has received an outpouring of support from private citizens in response to the media attention. A handful of Americans from around the country have donated a total of more than 500 feminine hygiene products to our office.

We have more than enough, and want to ensure that every office is equipped to welcome female visitors and staff.

If your office is interested in picking up some feminine hygiene products, come by Longworth House Office Building, room 1027.

All donations comply with the relevant ethical guidelines. Transfers to other offices are permitted as member-to-member gifts are always permissible, just like with any other products.