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Maloney Introduces Resolutions to Preserve the History of January 6th Attack and Support Capitol Essential Workers

Mar 9, 2021
Press Release

Maloney Introduces Resolutions to Preserve the History of January 6th Attack and Support Capitol Essential Workers

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) introduced two House Resolutions relating to the January 6th attacks on the United States Capitol. The resolutions will ensure the essential workers of the Capitol complex are recognized for their service and that evidence from the attack is preserved, so future Capitol Hill visitors can see the damage created by the insurrectionists. 

“The stories of essential workers fleeing for their lives and directly confronting violent insurrectionists are harrowing. Their bravery in the face of this attack requires both our recognition and our gratitude,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “We must not only honor these men and women, but also treat this historical moment with the solemnity and gravity it deserves. In displaying evidence of the mob’s destruction, we create a visual representation for visitors to the Capitol – and Representatives – for years to come. We cannot forget this day, or the actions that provoked this violence. We must remember and learn from our past in order to build a better future.”

The first resolution honors the thousands of Capitol Complex Essential Staff who were forced to flee or hide during the January 6th attack. These staffers, many of whom are minorities, were forced to confront the white supremacist and bigoted rhetoric and symbols on display on during the attack, and had to clean up the destruction all through the night to ensure the U.S. Congress could continue its duties of certifying the election.

The second resolution instructs the Architect of the Capitol to consult with the Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives, the Senate Historical Office, and the Joint Committee on the Library to determine which evidence from January 6th is most appropriate for preservation and make the artifacts viewable to future Capitol visitors. 

Read the resolutions here and here.