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Maloney Introduces Bill to Monitor Iran’s Nuclear Activities & Ensure Compliance with the JCPOA

Apr 14, 2016
Press Release

Washington — Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY-18) introduced legislation to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities and ensure Iran is in complete compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Rep. Maloney’s JCPOA Intelligence Enforcement Act would ensure that U.S. intelligence agencies coordinate their efforts to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities and ensure that they are in full compliance of the agreement, and encourages the Director of National Intelligence to partner with our allies in the Middle East to specifically combat Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.

“Whether you supported the JCPOA or not we can all agree that we need to watch Iran and the implementation of the deal like a hawk. In particular we need to ensure our intelligence agencies have all the resources they need to keep Iran in check and to partner with our allies to combat any potential funding of terrorism. This legislation will coordinate our efforts at the intelligence level to ensure we have across the board integration on implementation, early warning systems to keep track of potential violations, and identify intelligence gaps that need be filled – not only demanding Iran’s compliance with the deal, but holding them accountable for any and all violations,” said Rep. Maloney.

“Congressman Maloney’s bill is an excellent idea, and the strong language reiterates the U.S. position on the implementation of the JCPOA and Iranian compliance in order to impede Iran from acquiring nuclear missiles. This bill would be an important move forwards towards the goal of bipartisan support to curb Iran’s breach of the UN resolution that confirmed the nuclear agreement and restricts Iran from launching missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead,” said Leslie Green, President of Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County, N.Y. and AIPAC activist.

Specifically, this legislation would require the Director of National Intelligence to establish an intelligence integration cell among relevant intelligence agencies in order to integrate intelligence related to monitoring and enforcement of the JCPOA by: coordinating and synchronizing all collection related to implementation of the JCPOA; integrating early warning systems of intelligence agencies for potential violations of the JCPOA; and identifying intelligence gaps related to JCPOA monitoring. In addition it would encourage U.S. intelligence agencies to establish a joint fusion cell with our Middle Eastern allies which would: combat Iran’s disruptive regional activities including their support for terrorist proxy entities such as Hezbollah; find and disrupt illegal transfers of weapons and materials by Iran and its proxies; and protect the territory of key U.S. regional allies. Lastly, the JCPOA Intelligence Enforcement Act would encourage the Director of National Intelligence to establish U.S.-Israeli intelligence working group focused on enhancing intelligence sharing on: Iranian support for Hezbollah; Iranian weapons smuggling programs; Iran’s ballistic missile and space program; and Iran’s nuclear activities.