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Maloney Hits Back Against House Administration Committee’s Lies Regarding Tampon Purchase, Releases Text of Email

Jun 29, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON – After the Committee on House Administration released a statement lying about its policy preventing the use of funds to cover the cost of tampons, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney hit back and released the text of the email his office received. On June 26, Rep. Maloney’s office received the email from the finance office, under the authority and direction of the Committee on House Administration (CHA), informing him that he would have to reimburse the office for funds spent on tampons.

“They’re lying and backtracking to avoid admitting that they stand by and enforce this archaic, sexist policy,” said Rep. Maloney. “They’re blaming some bureaucrat under their own authority for enforcing a policy they created. That’s pretty embarrassing, and it’s shameful. I wanted to release the text of the email to set the record straight.”

Yesterday, Rep. Maloney announced that the Committee on House Administration refused to permit the purchase of tampons with official funds. Rep. Maloney then reimbursed the office $37.16. In response, a spokesperson for CHA released a statement claiming that Rep. Maloney never contacted the committee, even though Rep. Maloney published the letter he sent to the committee that very day. The CHA also falsely claimed that Rep. Maloney’s office had never received an email requiring the reimbursement.

Below is the text of the email sent to Rep. Maloney’s office by a House finance office staffer. The finance office is a bureaucratic institution which is under the authority of – and enforces rules made by – the Committee on House Administration, a political body. Rep. Maloney’s office has only released the text of the email to protect the identities of staff members involved in the incident.

“The office will need to reimburse the card in the amount of $37.16. We will be pulling that amount from the next month’s payment. Tampons are not an office supply but a personal care item. Let me know if you have questions.”