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Maloney Demands Congress Stop Bargaining with Seniors’ Benefits

Feb 20, 2014
Press Release
Commends Excluding Chained CPI in FY2015 Budget Proposal

Washington, DC -  Representative Sean Patrick Maloney welcomed the announcement that President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal no longer contained cuts to senior’s benefits, known as chained-CPI. Representative Maloney urged House Leadership to take chained-CPI off the bargaining table. Chained-CPI would cut an average of $650 a year from Hudson Valley seniors’ Social Security.

“We should not balance our budgets on the backs of our seniors, or use their hard-earned Social Security benefits as a political bargaining chip,” said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney. “When I worked in the Clinton White House, we were able to create jobs, cut spending, and grow the economy without these kind of devastating cuts for our seniors and middle class.”

In November, Rep. Maloney wrote a letter to Senator Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan urging their support of policies in the budget compromise that would prioritize America’s seniors and the benefits they have earned over a lifetime of hard work. Last year, Rep. Maloney opposed President Obama’s FY2014 budget which included a proposal for chained-CPI.