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Maloney Calls out GOP Hypocrisy on House Floor: Don’t Lecture us on Fiscal Responsibility, Family Values Anymore

Dec 5, 2017
Press Release
Speech Comes After GOP Renews Support for Accused Pedophile Roy Moore, Passes Deficit-Exploding Tax Bill

WASHINGTON — After Congressional Republicans renewed their support for Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore and passed a tax bill which will raise the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) gave a fiery speech on the House floor in which he lambasted the party for its hypocrisy.

Click the link above to watch Rep. Maloney’s remarks


A full transcript of Rep. Maloney’s remarks is below.

Mr. Speaker:

Today I rise to suggest a new rule. 

All my life, I’ve heard the Republican Party preach family values and fiscal discipline. 

But in the course of a single week, Mr. Speaker, we’ve seen the Republican Party in this House vote to add more than a trillion dollars of new debt because tax cuts for rich people matter more.

And we’ve seen the Republican President and the Republican Party in the Senate choose to support a credibly accused pedophile because power matters more. 

So, I’ll tell you what, Mr. Speaker. New rule: after today, the Republican Party can choose to support massive new debts and it can choose to support politicians who abuse kids, but it cannot lecture the rest of us about it. 

The rest of us have listened to our last lecture from Republicans about family values or fiscal discipline. 

From now on, that party has no credibility on either issue. So, from now on, when it comes to family values or fiscal responsibility, please, keep it to yourself. We’ve heard enough of it.