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Maloney Announces Support of Bipartisan Budget Agreement After Leading the Successful Effort to Protect Millions of Seniors from Drastic Medicare Increase

Oct 27, 2015
Press Release
Without Congressional Action, 16 Million Seniors Would See Medicare Premiums Increase as Much as 50%. Maloney Lead Nearly 80 House Colleagues in Urging Speaker Boehner to Prevent Increases Before He Departs Congress

Washington, DC — Today, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) announced his support for the Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015. Maloney led a letter with nearly 80 House members calling on Speaker Boehner to take action before he relinquished his gavel prevent increases to Medicare Part B premiums that were set to go into effect on January 1st. This new budget agreement will prevent these increases, giving seniors certainty before the change in Congressional leadership and the upcoming holiday season. 


“I’m relieved that these premium increases were avoided because they would’ve been devastating to folks on a fixed income – for many seniors in the Hudson Valley, cost spikes could have meant the difference between seeing a doctor and paying for groceries or the heating bill for the month,” said Rep. Maloney. “That’s why I led 78 of my colleagues to urge Speaker Boehner to take action, and I’m glad that it was included in the Bipartisan Budget Agreement.


“I support this bipartisan agreement because it will result in better economic security for working middle class families by creating jobs and cutting billions in wasteful spending. The agreement will also roll back the damaging effects of the sequester while investing in job training, valuable research, Head Start education, and medical care for our veterans.”


“Educators are deeply concerned about the financial burden caused by the projected Medicare Part B premium and deductible increases,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “NEA applauds Rep. Maloney’s leadership and urges Congress to take swift action by preventing the financial hardship caused by the projected Medicare Part B premium and deductible increases on those who are not currently held-harmless.”


The text of Rep. Maloney’s letter is below, and the full letter can be found here:



Dear Speaker Boehner,


As you know, unless Congress takes action, millions of Americans will see their Medicare Part B premiums skyrocket early next year.  We are deeply concerned about the impact of those increases in the Medicare program on our seniors, and urge you to allow Congress to take action immediately to prevent those increases from occurring.  It is the clear responsibility of the Republican Majority to act on this issue immediately and bring relief to our nation’s seniors.


The nature of this potential rate increase is particularly troubling for the extraordinary impact it would have on beneficiaries. For millions of Americans it could mean a staggering premium increase of more than 50 percent. The impact of such a change would be devastating. Too many seniors already face difficult decisions every month – forced to choose between paying for medication, or groceries, or a heating bill. Congress should be helping those seniors, not burdening them with more impossible decisions.


The leadership you and Leader Pelosi displayed on the SGR issue was a model of bipartisan compromise that addressed a problem that was a significant risk to the long-term stability of Medicare. We appreciate that, and America’s seniors’ health care options are more secure as a result. Now, as Congress looks ahead at another deadline that could have a detrimental impact on seniors’ health care, we ask that you work with us to prevent these rate increases from occurring. We stand ready to work with members of both sides of the aisle to ensure that American seniors are not forced to pay the price of Congressional inaction.