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Maloney Announces Support for Citizen-Funded Campaign Program

Feb 6, 2014
Press Release
New Federal Legislation Modeled on Successful New York City System

Washington, D.C.— Days after the fourth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) announced support for legislation that would create a public matching fund for campaigns to help reduce the influence of secret, big money donors in political campaigns. Financed by closing special interest loopholes, the bill is similar to a successful matching fund system in New York City and the statewide program advocated for by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“One of the worst Supreme Court rulings in the past 20 years, Citizens United has fixed the game to ensure secret money and special interests can overpower the voices of New Yorkers more than ever before. All Americans deserve a government run by the power of the ballot, not big money in the wallets of special interests,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “Citizen-funded campaigns would guarantee that every voice is heard.”

The Government By the People Act, H.R. 20, would change the way our elections are financed by amplifying small donations through a public matching fund, the “Freedom From Influence Fund”. Candidates who forego big money from special interests would receive matched small donor contributions and small dollar individuals would also be eligible for a refundable tax credit.

“More and more working families across the country have realized that our campaign finance system is broken, so we applaud Congressman Maloney and other legislative leaders for their support of this bill. The Government By the People Act in Congress, and the public funding program endorsed by Gov. Cuomo for New York are not just helpful, but necessary, to restore a political process that gives everyday people the chance to be heard,” said Karen Scharff, on behalf of the Fair Elections for New York Campaign.

The “Freedom From Influence Fund” is modeled on New York City’s successful public matching funds program, an optional program that matches on a six-to-one ratio small donor contributions up to $175. Governor Cuomo recently included a similar state-wide program in his budget proposal for the state legislature.