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Maloney Announces Legislation to Save Lives by Strengthening America’s Dam Infrastructure

Apr 3, 2013
Press Release


NEWBURGH - Representative Sean Patrick Maloney announced today that he will introduce legislation to give communities the support they need to ensure dams have the highest safety standards. With thousands of dams across the country posing a serious risk to communities and families, The Dam Safety Act of 2013 addresses the growing safety concerns caused by our nation’s aging dam infrastructure by reauthorizing the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) which failed to be reauthorized last Congress.

“With over 800 dams in the Hudson Valley including nearly 100 high hazard dams, we must ensure safety inspections on local dams are done in a timely way. This is a classic ‘stitch in time saves nine’ situation where we are partnering with communities like Warwick to invest in public safety,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

“With the program that the Congressman is championing, we will be given the tools as local municipalities to be proactive in knowing the dangers of our dams ahead of time,” said Michael Sweeton, Town Supervisor of Warwick.

“I commend the Congressman for this legislation. On the day of Irene, we had a disaster plan all set and could implement an evacuation when we needed it. There are a lot of communities that don’t have that and that’s why this is so needed and so important,” said Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard.

The NDSP provides vital support to assist states like New York in developing Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), implementing existing dam safety programs, assisting with the purchase of equipment, and conducting dam inspections. This important program will help save lives and strengthen America’s dam infrastructure.

Gregory E. DiLoreto, P.E., P.L.S, D.WRE, president of The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), said “As stewards of our nation’s infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers applauds Congressman Maloney for bringing attention to the nation’s dams and for being the champion to reauthorize the National Dam Safety Program.”

“Dams are integral to our nation’s infrastructure. Dams provide important benefits to America but in many cases would put people and property at risk should they fail. We all have a role to play in creating a future where all dams are safe. A national commitment to improving dam safety today will save lives and property tomorrow,” said Lori Spragens, executive director of ASDSO