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Maloney Announces $1 Million Investment to Fight Opioid Epidemic in Dutchess County

Oct 9, 2018
Press Release
Funds Will Be Used to Improve Information-Sharing, Implement Solutions to Combat Epidemic

Newburgh, NY – Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) today announced a $999,985 U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investment for the Dutchess County Health Department to combat the opioid epidemic. The investment, made by the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs, works to increase the sharing of information between local and state agencies on substance abuse issues and leverage possible solutions to tackle this epidemic from public health, treatment, and safety perspectives. Rep. Maloney has been a leader on combatting the opioid epidemic. He has now brought over $3 million in federal investments to the Hudson Valley and also passed legislation in Congress that works to end this epidemic. In June, Rep. Maloney wrote to the DOJ in support of the Dutchess County Health Department’s grant application.

“Talk to anybody and they’ll tell you the same thing – families are losing their kids because of addiction to opioids, and it has to stop,” said Rep. Maloney. “The best way to do that is to get the smartest, best-equipped people to put their heads together and get the answers and solutions we need. That’s exactly what this federal investment will help do.” 

“The opioid epidemic is the public health crisis of our lifetime and Dutchess County has implemented numerous steps to share data about opioid use with our community partners,” said Dr. Anil Vaidian, Dutchess County Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health. “This grant complements the Department’s current efforts on overdose research and is an exciting opportunity for Dutchess County to enhance our shared understanding of addiction to prevent overdose and other drug-use associated harms. We thank Rep. Maloney for his support and the DOJ for recognizing our resolve and bolstering our efforts, and we look forward to future collaborations that will save Dutchess County lives.”

“The NY/NJ HIDTA is a federal grant program that invests in partnerships to achieve our common North Star — to reduce overdoses and save lives,” said Chauncey Parker, Director of the New York/ New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. “Thanks to the tremendous leadership and support of Congressman Maloney and our great public safety and public health partnerships, Dutchess County is one of our best investments. We are very grateful to the Department of Justice for this grant to the Dutchess County Health Department. This grant will provide critical resources to build upon our efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in Dutchess County.”

This investment is awarded through the DOJ’s Public Safety and Public Health Information-Sharing Partnership program, which supports public safety, behavioral health, and public health information-sharing partnerships. The primary focus is to help local and state agencies leverage information from a variety of public health and public safety data sources to analyze substance abuse issues and identify potential solutions from public health, treatment, and public safety perspectives.

Rep. Maloney continues to fight for Hudson Valley families affected by this epidemic. He successfully passed the Opioid Review and Modernization Act, which helps educate well-meaning doctors about the potential dangers of over-prescribing and was a co-sponsor to the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), passed into law in March of 2016, which helps communities facing prescription drug epidemics to expand prevention and education efforts, increase the availability of antidotes, and promote treatment and recovery. He has also introduced several pieces of legislation including the Lifesaving Librarians Act, the Stop Online Opioid Sales Act, the Keeping Communities Safe Through Treatment Act, and the Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act.

In June of this year, Rep. Maloney to the Department of Justice in support of the Dutchess County Department of Health’s grant application. A full copy of that letter can be found below or online here.

I write in support of the application submitted by Dutchess County to the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program.

As you may know, Dutchess County has one of the highest overdose rates in New York. Since the opioid epidemic started, Dutchess has been at the forefront of addiction and recovery services. To that end, Dutchess has developed a collaborative model for change with the support of a wide range of public and private partners. As such, the County is poised to more fully realize an already expansive collaborative platform than can leverage a multi-sector partnership for the implementation of a wide range of strategic initiatives to reduce opioid-related fatalities.

Award of this application would allow Dutchess County to expand its already impressive cohort of multidisciplinary partners while strengthening its data-driven blueprint for population—based change. Your assistance would allow the County to increase its information sharing program while diversifying the resources and services available to vulnerable populations. Please know, your investment will not only benefit Dutchess County, but will create the capacity for regionalized and long-term sustained change throughout the Hudson Valley.

Therefore, I as that you give your full and fair consideration to this request. Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter as both are greatly appreciated.